captain walter arnold

Another of the Mallorcan plays, Captain Walter Arnold (1916) offers a brief conversation between intimates, beginning with “Do you mean to please me” and ending with “We dazzle altogether.” A number of names appear, including Polybe, explained in a letter from Stein to Carl Van Vechten: “Polybe was a Mallorcan hound who went crazy in the moonlight and I had to whisper in his ear and spell his name to him.” In the interpretation we developed for  SIX. TWENTY. OUTRAGEOUS, Daniel Thomas Davis’ chamber opera, ME returns home from a shopping expedition and shows V her purchases. A playful argument is followed by an erotic adventure. Meanwhile, THREE, busily sewing at a machine, looks on skeptically.

The recording is ten minutes.

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  • Composer: Daniel Thomas Davis
  • Libretto: Adam Frank with the composer
  • Director/Designer: Doug Fitch
  • Musical Director: David Bloom
  • Sound Engineer: Ben Manley
  • Production Manager: Matt Grey
  • Photo courtesy of Steven Pisano Photography
  • Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek as V
  • Andrew Fuchs as ME
  • Ariadne Greif as THREE
  • Joseph Atkins as WE
  • Dimitri Dover, piano
  • Momenta Quartet:
    Emilie-Anne Gendron, violin
    Alex Shiozaki, violin
    Stephanie Griffin, viola
    Michael Haas, cello
  • The performance was made possible by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (File 435-2013-1684).
    Co-produced by American Opera Projects and Symphony Space.

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